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How to open a cannabis dispensary in Alaska

Looking for a Cannabis Dispensary near me?  You need to start by knowing what it entails to open a cannabis dispensary in Alaska. The legal industry of cannabis is thriving in Alaska, which has legalized the commercial sale of recreational and medical marijuana that happened in 2014.

If you are 21 years old and above and are residing in Alaska, you are free to open your business in cannabis and be part of the growing field. You have to ensure that, you know the local and state laws which are associated with the marijuana business to make sure that you comply. If you fail to adhere to the marijuana comprehensive laws in Alaska for dispensaries, you might get penalties including being denied or revocation of your license for marijuana.

The following is a list of some of the relevant laws which are related to the marijuana business in Alaska:

License fees:

You should be ready to pay 

  • A nonrefundable application fee
  • A fingerprint fee
  • An annual marijuana license fee which is renewable
  • The initial license fee for marijuana

Type of Licenses

  • License for marijuana product manufacturing
  • Cultivation facility license
  • Standard cultivation facility license
  • Retail store marijuana license
  • Facility testing license
  • Marijuana concentrate manufacturing facility license

You will have to verify a consumer is a person who is above the legal age by having to ask for a valid ID before you sell the marijuana to them.

Who is legible to be sold marijuana?

You should be 21 years and above to buy marijuana in Alaska. In a single day, you can only buy:

  • 5600 milligrams of THC that is combined in cannabis products and cannabis; or
  • 7 grams of cannabis

Is it possible to open a dispensary anywhere in Alaska?

  • School premises
  • Recreational centers
  • The youth centers out boundaries
  • Buildings that conduct religious services
  • The correctional facilities

It is a provision that will not affect you if you started to run the dispensary before the above premises started to operate. The requirement can be changed by the city ordinance to make sure that there is compliance.

Operations hours

It is possible to operate a cannabis dispensary in Alaska from 8am to 5 pm

Criminal records

It will not be possible to be given a license if you happen to have one of the following records:

  • Felony conviction
  • Selling of alcohol against the state law conviction
  • A misdemeanor that involves controlled substances
  • A misdemeanor that relates to the sale or distribution of cannabis within two years before applying for a permit